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Simplify IT operations with an Autonomous Network

Reduce IT workloads, 改善用户体验,确保关键任务操作与自主网络.

The Solution

Autonomous Networks in Industries

  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
网络自动化简化了各种教育用户需求的连接, 同时确保个人只能访问授权的应用程序和系统. 自治网络可以在几分钟内启动并运行,为高技能的IT专业人员腾出时间来制定新的战略计划.
Citizens’ experiences are enhanced through secure, responsive public services, improved emergency response systems and reliable wireless connectivity. 自治网络提供了自动提供网络和物联网设备的架构, improves the cost of operations, 减少人为错误,提供政府需要和公民期望的服务和应用程序.
自治网络提供从用户或对象到授权应用程序的安全连接. It simplifies and secures how staff, patients, visitors, devices and objects connect to a hospital, clinic or assisted living facility network, while delivering a performance level that is appropriate for individuals, groups, or assets.
自治网络提供统一接入和统一管理,确保用户之间的无缝互操作, devices and services across the hotel network. 对应用程序的访问仅限于基于其角色的授权个人. This means they have different network access levels, security and QoS. Network resource usage is monitored to proactively address any potential problems.
交通数据网络必须具有高度弹性,并支持许多不同类型的应用程序, objects and users, with high levels of security. With an Autonomous Network, the network is simplified, 任务是自动化的,IT团队可以提供更好的服务水平并改进sla, to provide an enhanced traveller experience.

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